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 Eurobowl 17 in Porto

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MessageSujet: Eurobowl 17 in Porto   Dim 12 Fév - 19:12

Hi Everyone,

Eurobowl in Portugal is confirmed and registration is open: 21st and 22nd of October in Porto Portugal

Official Eurobowl page

The Eurobowl is a competition where teams of 8 from a country form a national team and each player plays a different Race.
Furthermore there is also the Europen, where multiple teams of 3 can join from any nation to make the whole event a bit blood bowl party.

As there is no predefined way to select who should play for each country, we have done the selection more or less with democracy the last couple of years. First step is of course for everyone interested to come forward and post in this thread.
We have already discussed a bit with the different swiss players that were at the world cup and we all agree that we want to send the possible strongest team to the Eurobowl, and maybe have 1-2 EurOpen teams to have as many swiss players as possible in Porto.

Usual suspects:

- Jokaero
- Letroll
- Otis
- Phifoe
- Strider84
- Sigu
- Goss
- Elrik
- Madmatt13
- Macabeo

Please post here your Name, NAF nickname, Preferred races, where you play (Tabletop, Online) and if you would participate in the Eurobowl only or also in the Europen in case we are more than 8 players.

Please post until the end of March so we can get the team set up and fix the races everyone plays in order to have some time to practice and maybe paint a new team.


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MessageSujet: Re: Eurobowl 17 in Porto   Jeu 16 Fév - 19:43

hola Here comes a new challenger hola

I'm Sébastien.
French, living on Geneva's border (24meters of it), working in Lausanne, and playing in Ouroboros league.

My nickname : Magikmoon
NAF : 10320

I play tabletop league, tabletop tourney, fumbbl, and NTBBL.

I would really appreciate to play Eurobowl with Switzerland.
But we don't know all of us very well, and i'm not totally swiss.
So if you prefer I play Europen for Switzerland as a first step, I can.
In all case, I will be at Porto (allready my flight) to spend holidays with family. and play Euro(bowl/pen?)
I'm looking for a team to join, and if I could play the Eurobowl, for a country, that would be great.

I'm a rather good player, not the best, but at least not the worst lol

Cheers guys
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Eurobowl 17 in Porto
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